15 Things about me!

Hello one and Hello all!! Welcome to my blog post about me! The reason for this post is because I have decided to do 7 different “30 Day Challenges” simultaneously;¬† Abs Challenge (cause I need a flatter stomach in my life), a Kindness Challenge (cause I like kindness), Self care Challenge (cause practicing self care never hurts), minimalism challenge (cause I would like to have less material possessions in my life and focus on the important things), photo challenge (cause I need to be better at taking pictures -seriously!), a fashion challenge (cause why not), and a blogging challenge (for the sake of fun).


Today is the first day of all the challenges and the first thing I have to do for the blogging challenge is writing 15 things about me. I have posted a picture that I have taken of myself today, as part of the photo challenge (you will also see that I am wearing orange which is part of the fashion challenge). I will also post a picture in 30 days after I have completed all the challenges and hopefully we will see some differences in my picture and in my posts. If you want to follow my progress with the challenges, feel free to follow my blog page and you can also follow my Instagram page: @breakingbarriersb 


So that is the picture I took today with the outfit I wore today! WOO… looking pretty aight if I do say so myself.

So lets get into it…. here are 15 things about me:

  1. I am currently living in Nottingham
  2. My favourite book is “The Colour Purple” by Alice Walker
  3. I was awarded twice for being a “good and caring classmate” in school
  4. I am doing my second masters degree, in Psychology
  5. (not really about me) both my grandmothers highest level of education is 6th grade (which makes me so proud that my parents have worked so hard to be able to give me the privilege to go for my second masters degree)
  6. I have over 30 cousins
  7. I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark
  8. I wrote a piece that is displayed in UNESCO’s diversity report
  9. I speak 3 languages; English, Danish and Arabic.
  10. My guilty pleasure is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”
  11. I wrote a rap song when I was 11 – It’s horrible
  12. My dream job is to do with counselling young girls, ages 11-17
  13. Favourite animal is an elephant – and I want to get an elephant tattoo (specifically a baby elephant)
  14. My life idols are Oprah, Jesus and David Letterman
  15. Favourite quote is: “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”

I hope you found that interesting! If you want to know more about be, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me and ask.

Stay blessed!

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