What ‘Barriers’ am I referring to?

Have you been wondering what I mean by ‘breaking barriers’? What barriers? Who is breaking them? Why do we need to break these barriers?

I knew these questions were burning a hole in your soul. I will be answering these questions in this post and repairing that hole.

Eckhart Tolle believes we use words to label ourselves and others. We further allow those labels to allow to enter our conscious minds, shaping the way we identify ourselves and others. As we internalise said labels and listen more to our thoughts, the more we feed our egos and the more we become detached with our ‘real’ selves.

Other philosophers have shared similar thoughts, among them Jean Houston, who believes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The more we focus on the human experience, we neglect our spiritual conscious entity.

Which brings me to my experiences, I remember being a young girl, so full of confidence, joy, love, generosity, trust, sugar and spice and all things nice. As I grow up and became a teenager, my innocence lessened over time due to traumatic experiences, having my trust broken by people close to me and who I never thought would break my trust, heartbreak, not taking care of myself etc etc. I started questioning every single person around me and their intentions. I slowly started building walls in an attempt to protect myself. What I found was that I had isolated myself, developed a baaaddd case of social anxiety and depression at times, was angry, and I just simple hated myself.

I found that I was really missing the innocent, fun, loving, outgoing, trusting girl that I once was, and was wondering how I could go back to being that person. This put me in an ongoing path to becoming who I want to be. In order to do that, I have to start by breaking the barriers I initially created to protect myself, which was ultimately made things worse.

I started to start this blog to document my journey towards breaking my barriers and helping others break theirs. My ultimate dream job is to counsel young girls to prevent them from reaching that point of loosing themselves completely in order to build themselves up again, or at least help them through the build up period, which is why I decided to make a blog about as a start but do hope to grow this into a business where I offer my services and workshops to these girls.

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Love and Light!

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