An ode to sisterhood

I grew up with two older brothers. Anyone that has known me a long time has heard me brag about not having a sister. I didn’t have someone to steal my clothes, share the attention with, argue about small things with. And anyone that has known me a long time, knows I have a habit of saying stupid things for stupid reasons.

Now that I’m slightly older and getting smarter (albeit at turtle speed but nonethless), I can see now how I am unbelieveably stupid I was for not wanting a sister.

Luckily, I am blessed and have the honour of being friends with some of the best sisters a gal could ask for. Not only do I have one sister, I’ve got several and I’ve got at least one for everything I need. I’ve got;

– the sister that is my twin

– the sister that has my back no matter what

– the sister that calls me out on my shit

– the sister that is loyal

– the sister that will cry with me

– the sister that will challenge me intellectually

– the sister that I can get lost in another world with

– my soul sister

– my big sisters that pave the way for me to be me

– the sister that protects me

– the sister that is honest with me about everything

– the sister the cheers me on

– the sister that encourages me to be better

– the sister that just holds me when I need to be held

– the sister I can enjoy silence with

– the sister I share a weird sense of humour with

– the sister that is my opposite

It is almost too much to take in. I am blessed and so thankful for each one of these strong examples of women in my life.

I hope as you read the list, you thought of at least one person for each type. If you only had a few, you’re also blessed. Strong women bring blessings, new ways of looking at things, bravery and strength that I didn’t think existed, and tremendous amount of love and compassion.

Thank you to each of my sisters, the ones that will read this and the ones that won’t. I would not be the woman I am today with you all. I’ve still got ways to go, but I know with you by my side, I can go anywhere.

Feel free to comment on other types of sisters in your life, or if you need a sister right now.

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