30 Days Authenticity Challenge

I have compiled a 30 Day Authenticity Challenge to help you get a grasp of different areas in your life and allow some self-love seep each aspect of life.

We are all reaching to become the authentic version of ourselves and I believe this will happen once we learn to love and accept ourselves a little more. Self-love isn’t just something you do in the morning before you start your day, or in the evening when your day comes to an end. It is something that should be practiced throughout the day with everything you do, with every interaction, every situation (especially uncomfortable ones), and every relationship.

I have done a number of 30 day challenges for self improvement, and I decided to take the things that resinated the most with me and had the most impact what making me feel good about myself and love myself more. And of course, if you enjoy something, you’re going to do more of it. Therefore, I have put together a compilation of self-love and self-care practices that I think will help you get more in touch with a more authentic you in 30 days!



Go on and be blessed in your days! I hope that after this 30 day challenge, your love for yourself and your self worth increases and that you continue to practice that things that resinated with you!

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