Breaking Barriers – Strengthening You and Your Communities

In this blog, Breaking Barriers, I will discuss my views on – and experiences with-relationships, personal matters, cultural matters and share my psychology-based research. I will identify barriers and my perception on how they impact society/cultures, relationships, and everyday life and discuss ways of breaking barriers in terms of the way we think on certain topics, that are are potentially harmful to us as a society and as individuals. My intention in doing so, is to contribute to a more inclusive tomorrow and to encourage people to get proactive about their mental health through self care.

Additionally, I will share ways that I am breaking barriers in my personal life, particularly the walls that I have built, seemingly to protect myself, but that have in fact hindered me in some ways. I will also share my journey in becoming a counsellor and will publish my research here, so subscribe and follow if you want to find out what I uncover.


Let me tell you a little bit more about myself:

My name is Phoebe and I am a proud multicultural female with an international background. I have an Egyptian heritage, am born in Scandinavia and attended international schools since the age of five. To make me even more niche, I am a Christian Egyptian, from the Coptic Orthodox faith.

These identities have collectively provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to several differing environments. I have therefore always had an interest in how social environments influence human behvaiour. This interest was also the start of a desire to help others with breaking barriers to understand and navigate their environment, which can often be complex, particularly if you are multicultural. This is also why I am now studying to be a counsellor and have decided to publish my own blog as a start to my new career in counselling.

Please feel free to contact me to start a new opportunity or to discuss something further. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile if you would like to find out more about me.